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It can take months or years, most likely before the average blogger earns $100 or more per year by relying on the use of contextual ads like Google Adsense. Why not work with a company or a blogging network that will pay you to blog. Blogging networks consist of several different blogs owned by a single company or a group of people. The nice thing about blogging networks is that you don’t have to worry about a lot of the backend drama that you have to deal with when you own your own blog. You write and you are paid to blog. In most cases, you simply have to blog and upload pictures to get paid to blog. Though, you probably have to write with length minimums and with a focused topic for paid to blog writing gigs. Some blogging networks pay more than others. So although you may be paid to blog, you may not make as much as you think from one opportunity.

About.com pays its bloggers at least $725 per month for the first two years that they work with the company. I blogged for About.com, and I must say that you must go through a lot to blog with them! You will spend about two weeks building a try-out blog on their server for free. There is a lot to learn, too. It’s like taking a mini college course. If you don’t get the position, you would have done all of the work for nothing (except the cool experience, of course). Although they don’t tell you how many articles you need to have, etc. The more articles you write and post to your tryout blog the better. I can’t remember how many articles I had to write, but I do know that I began writing them even before I was accepting into the try-out. I’m thinking that I had maybe 15 articles, or so. I didn’t have any social life during the try-out period and after I was accepted into the position. The money is good, though. Yes. I was paid to blog, and I was paid well. They want you to write about certain topics; you have a format to your blog; you have an editor, and you have to write a certain number of posts.

451 Press has a network of blogs on general interest topics. They used to pay by splitting a share of money earned through advertising. Now the company pays per post. According to the 451 Press website, you can earn .50 per post if you are new to $2 per post if you have been with the network for at least a year. Everyone earns $1.50 for the cost per thousand impressions. You must apply on the 451 Press web site to be considered for a position.

B5media, that’s Problogger, Darren Rowse’s network, pays its new bloggers $50 per months; stay for a year and you can earn $150 per month. Add to that $1.65 for every thousand views your page receives, according to an article by Ensight.org. Jobs for b5media are posted on the job board at Problogger.

There are several other blogging networks to which you may apply if you are interested in being paid to blog. I found a list of blogging networks in an old issue of the Blog Herald.

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